Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a way to restore the body of a vehicle back to its original condition without using paint to cover the affected area. This process can be done in a quicker amount of time at a fraction of the cost of other dent removal processes. From dents and dings to body creases and hail damage, PDR is a reliable solution.

How does it work?

First, we assess the damage. Depending on the dent’s location and size, we determine if PDR is the best option. If it is, we prepare the area around the dent for repair. Next, we “gain access.” Most dents need to be accessed from the back side, meaning we must carefully remove either the body panels or interior panels to reach the area and thoroughly perform the repair. Finally, we apply slow pressure to restore the body’s original shape. Our tools gently massage the exterior to its original position.

Traditional dent repair uses a filler to cover the dent that is adjusted in shape and color to match the rest of the vehicle. While the end result looks the same, it doesn’t solve the source of the issue — and it can affect the resale of your vehicle. Choose the easy, affordable, and true solution. Choose paintless dent removal from Dent Authority, Inc. We look forward to helping your car get back on the road, dent-free.

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What are the benefits of paintless dent repair?

Before calling our mobile dent repair team, it may help to understand why PDR is such an ideal solution for repairing dents and dings. Dent Authority specializes in providing the best results for drivers, retailers, dealerships, and fleets. If you’re interested in paintless dent repair, it helps to know that this service is:

  • Cost-effective — Instead of spending money on the time and materials needed to cover a dent, PDR relies on massage techniques to pop the dent out. This helps to deliver amazing results at an advantageous price.
  • Long-lasting — Traditional dent repairs can cover the damages, but over time, the sanding and painting efforts may become visible. Our paintless dent removal provides sustainable results that can deliver a lifetime of quality.
  • Eco-friendly — Paintless dent repair relies on specialized tools, not expendable resources. Our services strive to be as eco-friendly as possible!
  • Precise — Our team can deliver amazing results for most dents, and we are proud to create a finish so smooth, you won’t be able to find the damage!
  • Paint-safe — Matching your factory paint through traditional dent repairs can be a challenge, but PDR can leave the existing paint in place.

Across the United States, Dent Authority, Inc. is here to serve as a trusted resource for high-quality paintless dent repairs. We’ll work with your insurance company, submitting an accurate claim that ensures you are properly reimbursed for the damages.

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