Body shops are tasked with a wide range of services to help drivers get back on the road with confidence. From routine oil changes to restorative body repairs, your shop may offer a full spectrum of services to best meet your customers’ needs. One area of repair that may prove to be an inconvenience is car dent repair. When a hail storm passes through, many body shops are inundated with unhappy drivers hoping to get their vehicles fixed and back on the road ASAP.

Modern body shops are tasked with repairing exterior surfaces and non-moving parts, yet many providers have the skills and tools to offer more. If you’re hoping to outsource your dent services to open up more room to focus on other specialties, Dent Authority, Inc. is here and happy to help!

Today, we’ll discuss a few of the top benefits of paintless dent repair (PDR), as well as the value of our services in improving your output and quality.

Saving Time

Your turnaround time is important. Body shops that take longer tend to have less cash flow, as slower services equate to less work completed in a calendar year. Additionally, customers who drop off their vehicles tend to want them returned as soon as possible. If you offer car dent removal services at your shop, the turnaround time will likely increase as you work to order the right materials, fill the dents, sand them, and apply a matching paint to ensure a q quality finish.

Dent Authority, Inc. can save your shop time by providing our mobile PDR services. This allows you to focus on other services, ensuring that your repairs done in a timely fashion, increasing customer satisfaction while also allowing you to schedule more services throughout the year.

Saving Labor

In addition to saving you time and increasing your shop’s speed, our paintless dent repair pros can also save you the hassle. Painting and restoring every component of a vehicle to its original glory is a lot of work, and dent repairs can take a lot of effort. Our PDR program will allow you to outsource your car dent repairs, allowing your team to focus on other endeavors.

Saving Money

Our team will be able to travel to your shop and offer fast, effective paintless dent repairs that are well worth the cost. Ultimately, this will help to save you on the costs of labor, time, and materials while allowing for more output for your customers. If a hail storm has hit your area, the pros at Dent Authority will arrive and provide a full array of services to increase your bottom line and profit margins.

Professional Outcomes

Dent Authority, Inc. can work with you every step of the way to create an ideal outcome for your shop and your customers. We will provide accurate estimates for our services, schedule ideal times to come in and provide paintless dent repair, and arrive on time to deliver industry-leading results. The outcome will impress your customers and boost your bottom line.

Contact us today to learn more about our PDR services, and be sure to ask how we can enhance your body shop!