When a hail storm hits your dealership, you need to take action fast. Dent Authority is the team to call to tackle the problem and ensure your business doesn’t slow down. Allow us to handle the damage so you can focus on making sales.

First, our team provides immediate dent repair services for any of your sold units that are waiting to be delivered. Next, we work closely with you and your insurance provider to make sure they receive a proper estimate that will cover your costs. Many times, insurance adjusters will save time by inspecting the dealer units outdoors or without proper lighting. This makes hail damage easy to miss or overlook, meaning lower estimates than what you really need. In fact, many adjuster’s estimates only cover 50-60 percent of the true cost. We inspect each vehicle under proper conditions to ensure the amount given to your insurance company is entirely accurate.

Our team promises to deliver the highest quality repairs in a timely manner. After all, we know you need to sell those vehicles in order to keep your business thriving, and our paintless dent repair is here to accomplish just that. Contact Dent Authority today to begin. We look forward to helping your dealership get back to business as usual.

Contact us today for service, and to learn more about our mobile dent repair services!